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Date:Tue, 25 May 99 09:47:45 +0100
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     The University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY has/had 2 
     cytoprep techs.  They can tell you what the job entails and what they 
     are paying their employees.
     Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA uses a relatively unused 
     morgue suite to dump tissues.  The histotechs/autopsy assistant have 
     to wear pretty heavy duty protective equipment when doing this 
     including a respirator.  They could give you the details of their 
     procedure.  I don't have the number handy since I'm not there anymore, 
     but it's easy enough to get off the internet.
     Margaret Richardson

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Subject: rreorganization questions 
Author:  Linda <>  at internet-mail
Date:    5/22/99 10:24 PM

We are going through a major downsizing/re-organization phase right now. 
I have two questions that I would like some input on. Apparently 
histology is now going to be responsible for "dumping tissues".  How do 
other medical facilities dispose of tissues?
We are also talking about adding a cyto-prep position to our pathology 
Dept to deal with all gyn and non-gyn specimens. 1. What is the current 
pay scale for this position? 2. What are the "usual" 
responsibilities/duties for this position?  Thanks for your time and 
responeses in advance.
Bixby Medical Center

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