Re: macrophage IHC

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From:MSRS/aerie <>
To:Jill Songer <>
Date:Thu, 20 May 1999 16:25:14 -0400
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Jill Songer wrote:
> Hi netters,
> Does anyone have a source for antibodies for macrophages in species OTHER
> than human? Or does this even exist? I have tried Zymed and Dako without
> luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
> **************************************************************************
> Jill Songer HT (ASCP)
> Veterinary Teaching Hospital
> College of Veterinary  Medicine
> Virginia Tech
> Blacksburg, VA

Numerous companies supply anti macrophage (non human) including Bachem,
Serotec, BMB, Seikagaku, Serva, BMA Biomed, CalBiochem, BioSource,
Biogenesis, Fitzgerald, USBiochem and others. The contact info for these
companies may be found at under the 'Search
Company' link. Bob Weimer

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