Re: low/high profile blades (reply)

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Date:Wed, 19 May 1999 22:27:05 EDT
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I used to think I was crazy, but now I know I am not.  That (the nicks in the 
blade) is the MAIN reason why I stick with AccuEdge.  Granted, the accuedges 
are more expensive, but for the lower priced blades, I found the tiny nicks 
in the blade to be unbearable.  I ended up using MORE of the cheaper blades 
to counter the nicks than I did of the accuedges.  Maybe that is why they are 
CHEAPER!  One brand in particular was horrible.  I won't name names but they 
are distributed by a WELL KNOWN company that I order MOST of my reagents 

By the way, has anyone ever had a problem with  microtome blades sticking in 
the package...I mean the blade will not slide out of the package, and you 
have to get a teasing needle and "tease" the blade out?  I had this happen 
before with the accuedge, and I called my sales rep and she sent me a 
replacement pack via Fed Ex the next day.  That, my friends, is service.  
Thanks Sharon!  :)

Debra Flynn, HT(ASCP)
River Oaks Hospital
Jackson, MS

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