Re: Surgical Pathology Reports

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Date:Wed, 19 May 1999 10:00:54 -0500

Dear Beth:
Our disclaimer states
"I have personally reviewed the diagnostic materials and this report represents my interpretation". 
This statement  goes immediately above my signature on all reports.

As I understand it, this statement is important only in institutions where residents assist in the gross and microscopic examinations. The need for the disclaimer came about because the government wants to assure that all bills it receives (from medicare/medicaid patients) are for services actually performed by the attending pathologist. Accordingly, we attending pathologists view ALL gross-only specimens and look at all slides on the microscopic examinations. Similarily at my hospital, the clinical services are careful to document that the attending physician activiely participated in the care of patients also seen by residents.
Hope this helps.
Linda Margraf
Histonet administrator
Associate Professor of Pathology
Southwestern Medical Center

>>> "Beth Sheppard" <> 05/19 8:48 AM >>>
Does anyone have a disclaimer on the bottom of your surgical report that
"the pathologist has reviewed the slides and gross and the
interpretation is their own".
I would be interested in wording of other disclaimers that may be on
reports as well as if you don't have a disclaimer.
Thanks a bunch!


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