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From:"Gregory Lloyd" <>
Date:Sat, 22 May 1999 00:43:03 MDT
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Hello Kelli
   You asked about the Sunquest system, well here is our low down on our 
   At the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton Alberta.  Yes Canada.  
We have been using the Sunquest system for about four years as a regional 
LIS for Anatomical Pathology.  Originally Sunquest did not have an AP 
component, the one they created as an add on was up graded for our they said.
  We have about 40 users just for the AP component, that does not include 
the other four disciplines in Medical Laboratory Science.  If all is said we 
are not happy with the Sunquest system.  Primarily the area that needs work 
is in their search criteria and SQL, of which there is none (SQL).  The old 
language MUMPS is very hard to format into a user friendly system.  After 
about four years we have sort of gotten used to its limitations. Now to 
answer some of your questions.

"happy with it" - no,  we are looking at the CoPath system... two drawbacks 
with this system it is very expensive and it tops out at about 30 users. 
Interestingly enough Sunquest has dropped their own system (they will no 
longer make any new adjustments to the system, sunquest '5.2' is Y2K ready 
and we are using it) and is adopting (or merging) with CoPath.  About a year 
or two ago we had a seminar from Sunquest, that is what their sales people 
told us.

'SnoMed' - in Canada we don't use SnoMed codes on our reports, I'm not sure 
'Manual look-ups'  we do have a very primitive search function that can be 
used to find some material, but it is very basic and we still have to do a 
labor intensive search.  If we need controls or other lab info we, as a lab, 
try to be proactive and make a note when we see interesting or necessary 
'stuff' on our pre-screened cases.  That is in special stains and our 
routine slide screening/sorting area.

Sorry for this long message, if you have any specific questions about 
Sunquest or its workings you can e-mail me at or ask 
through the histonet.

Cameron Lloyd MLT
University of Alberta Hospitals
Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

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