Re: Masson's Trichrome

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From:"Gregory Lloyd" <>
Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 23:16:33 MDT
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Hi Brandon

Was the over fixation done in formalin?  If so then trypsinize the sections 
to brake up the methylene bridges due to formalin overfixation.  That should 
eliminate the blue haze that you see.  Then post fix in a bouins solution 60 
degrees celsius for one hour.  Bouins seems to enhence the analine blue 
stain.  Otherwise time all the other stains as you would normally.

Depending on the tissue you may have to try several different times in 
trypsin before you get what you want.

Your question..

>I have tried to do a Masson's Trichrome stain for collagen on some
>sections of rat heart which are horribly overfixed.  Staining was bad, with 
>weak collagen staining and a pale blue haze around portions of the tissue.

Good luck

Cameron Lloyd MLT
U of A Hospital
Edmonton AB

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