Re: Marking Pens

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From:"Histo-Scientific Research Laboratory" <>
Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 08:54:53 -0400
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    The best possible thing you can use to write on a cassette is a #2 lead
pencil!  It must be a #2, however.  Remember back in grade school the
teacher would ask you to take out a "#2" lead pencil before taking a test,
and you wondered: "why a #2, why not a #8 or #4?"?  Well, for a standard
processor, this is about the only instrument you can count on to not come
off the cassette.  Try it, it works!  We've been using them for years.

Tom Galati
Lab Manager
Histo-Scientific Research Labs.
107 Killmon Road
Basye, VA  22810

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