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From:Mary Stevens <>,
Date:Mon, 17 May 1999 08:42:35 -0400


Thanks so much for getting your report out.  It's very interesting, with very good suggestions.  I'm pleased the Committee will spread things out to include articles, columns, Q&A's, profiles, etc.  That's exactly  what I was referring to when I mentioned the lack of histology information in Lab Med, not just articles, but recognition of all formats.

Thanks again!  

Mary Stevens

>>> Wenk, Lee & Peggy <> - 5/17/1999 6:00 AM >>>
Hello Histonetters -

Well, I'm back from the ASCP Laboratory Medicine Advisory Committee
meeting, and I'd like to report back.

Yes, they were very impressed with the list of suggestions.

Yes, some topics look like they have they been accepted to go 
into the next years' issues. Some I'm going to talk with the 
staff members this week, and discuss them a little more.

Some may be a feature article (4-6 pages), some may be side
bars (1/3 page), some may be Question and Answer column
(1/2 page), some may Profile a person doing a specialized
technique (1-2 pages). In other words, your suggestions will 
be used in different columns in different formats.

Now comes the next step, which will involve some of you

If Lab Medicine or I call to ask if you would be willing
to write, please seriously consider this request. If our
members want to see MORE histology/IM/EM/etc. in Lab
Medicine, then WE have to help put it in. 

I'll continue to make a pest of myself at ASCP Lab Med
to get more articles in about histology/etc. I'll even
help write A LITTLE of the material. But I'm not an expert
in many fields. And that's who we would want to help 
write this material.

Also, if it's OK with Histonetters, I'll continue to let 
Histonet know when there is histology/etc article/material 
in Lab Medicine. Sometimes we get so busy, we don't have
time to pick it up, let along look to see what's inside.

One last point (I promise) - when there ARE histology/etc.
articles, PLEASE fill out the reader response card
towards the back of Laboratory Medicine. Let ASCP know 
that you appreciate seeing an article on histology or 
a particular subject. Let ASCP know what you thought 
about the quality of the article, or the thoroughness of 
the material. Believe it or not, they do read the cards,
and do try to respond. If they get cards that say someone
likes the histology/etc articles, then ASCP knows they
are on the right track, and will continue to try to get
similar articles. If they don't hear anything, then they
think no one is reading that type of material, so they
might as well drop it.

So again, Histonetters, thanks for the suggestions and
the volunteers. Well done, and I'm very proud of you.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak MI 48073


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