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From:Cindy Higgerson <>
To:"Hagerty, Marjorie A." <>,
Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 07:56:30 -0500
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We only run one control per batch. We file the control with the first case
(numerically) of the batch. With the remaining cases we label a blank slide
with the case number, the type of control, and underneath in parenthesis the
case number where the control is filed (the first case of the batch). This
saves a lot of paperwork and the controls are easy to retrieve. I have
inspected a couple of hospitals who used a log to document where the control is
filed. This can be a problem when you pull a case that does not have a control
----- you have to find the log, find the case, then make a second trip to pull
slides to retrieve the control.. If you are like most of us the slides are
filed in a different location and not in the histology lab. By filing a blank
slide with the case you save time and paperwork. Hope this helps. If you need a
reference for this method I have one.

Cindy Higgerson
Supervisor Department of Surgical Pathology
Memorial Hospital
Belleville,Illinois 62226

Hagerty, Marjorie A. wrote:

> For the last 15 years we have been running one control per case. If we are
> doing 8 different patient slides for Giemsa, we put in 8 helico controls. I
> think I am close to persuading all concerned that this is a waste of
> resources. For those of you who are using one control per staining batch,
> how do you file the slides?
> Thanks,
> Marg
> Marjorie Hagerty, H.T. (ASCP) H.T.L., Q IHC
> Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
> Eisenhower Medical Center
> 39000 Bob Hope Drive
> Rancho Mirage, California 92270
> 760.773.2013
> FAX:760.773.1587

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