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Date:Thu, 27 May 1999 16:44:03 +1000
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Dear Marjorie,
it is most pratical to do what Don suggested, and we have done it this way
for more than 20yrs. One control slide per session, and filed in the QC
Slide file only in Date order. If for any reason over the years, a set of
slides from a patient were reviewed (either by us or another Institution)
then the relevant control/s was/were also sent, and a cardboard slip put in
the slide file in its stead, saying when , where and to whom the control was
sent. We always insisted that control slides were returned to us even those
sent with special stains part of QAP programmes, as the control more often
than not related to other patients as well as the survey.
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Thursday, 27 May 1999 9:21
Subject: Controls

>For the last 15 years we have been running one control per case. If we are
>doing 8 different patient slides for Giemsa, we put in 8 helico controls. I
>think I am close to persuading all concerned that this is a waste of
>resources. For those of you who are using one control per staining batch,
>how do you file the slides?
>Marjorie Hagerty, H.T. (ASCP) H.T.L., Q IHC
>Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
>Eisenhower Medical Center
>39000 Bob Hope Drive
>Rancho Mirage, California 92270

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