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From:Mary Stevens <>,
Date:Fri, 28 May 1999 10:25:40 -0400


How long is the limited lifespan?  We make and store hundreds at a time (4C) - we usually use them up in 4 months or so.  What's your experience on lifespan?  I've never notice a problem for bone sectioning.


>>> Barry Rittman <> - 5/28/99 9:32 AM >>>
                I do not know if chrome alum -gelatine slides are
commercially available, but you should be aware that thgese have a limited
life span. We used to prepare several thousand of these slides and while
initially an onerous task, once the set up was made it was a routine thing.
Have you considered alternates?

Michael Harvey wrote:

> Does anyone out there in Histoland know of a commercial source for
> Chrome-Alum slides?  We are currently dipping our own slides and would
> like an alternative, as our MMA thin sectioning workload increases.
> Thanks in advance!
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