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Date:Tue, 18 May 1999 16:11:01 +0200
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protect RNA is a new product. Catalog number R7397 (30 ml of 500X solution )

From:  Carpenter, Judith A.
Sent:  יום שלישי 18 מאי 1999 13:44
Subject:  RE: water quality

Dear Dorit-
Would you have a catalog # for the "protect-RNA", all I can find in my
Sigma catalog is something called "RNase ZAP" for cleaning glassware
and plastics (cat#R2020).
Thanks very much-
Jude Carpenter,BS, HTL(ASCP)
Chief Technologist/Surgical Pathology/Histology/Autopsy
111 Colchester Ave.
Burlington,   VT  05401
FAX : (802)656-3509

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> Subject:	RE: water quality
> It is better to use ultrapure water, however for in-situ hybridization (or
> any procedure where you do not need enzymatic activity) you do not have to
> treat the water with DEPC+ autoclave or autoclave any of your glassware,
> but instead add an RNase inhibitor to all solutions. This saves a lot of
> time. Such inhibitors, unlike those that are added where enzymatic
> activity is required, are relatively cheap, one example being a new
> product from Sigma called "protect-RNA".
> Dorit
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> From:  Heike Grabsch
> Sent:  יום שני 17 מאי 1999 04:53
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> Subject:  water quality
> A question for people who are doing studies with RNA like RT-PCR and in 
> situ hybridization for RNA:
> what sort of water do you use?
> a) regular distilled water that is treated with DEPC and then autoclaved
> or 
> b) ultrapure water (f.ex. MilliQ)that is treated with DEPC and then 
> autoclaved
> one of my collegues says that there is no need for ultrapure water, but I 
> would like to have some more opinions before I cut down my standards. (In 
> the lab where I was trained in molecular biology everything (also non-RNA 
> buffers etc) was prepared with ultrapure water.
> thanks for some arguments
> Dr. Heike Grabsch, Germany

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