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Date:Mon, 24 May 1999 22:46:17 -0500
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Re No. 2, the "usual" responsibilities are many.  There are no formal
training programs for cytopreparatory technicians, at least to my knowledge.
All are trained on the job with all attendant reservations and limitations.
They are supervised by cytotechnologists whose own technical training is
cook book-like.  Their work is significantly undervalued and its value can
not be overemphasized.  Cytology preparations, moreso than histo ones,
require proper processing to be as useful as they can be.  Quality outcomes
require quality processes.  The work of cytoprep techs can make
microscopists lives easy or hard.  Treat them nicely.

Gary W. Gill

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> Subject: rreorganization questions
> Hello,
> We are going through a major downsizing/re-organization phase right now.
> I have two questions that I would like some input on. Apparently
> histology is now going to be responsible for "dumping tissues".  How do
> other medical facilities dispose of tissues?
> We are also talking about adding a cyto-prep position to our pathology
> Dept to deal with all gyn and non-gyn specimens. 1. What is the current
> pay scale for this position? 2. What are the "usual"
> responsibilities/duties for this position?  Thanks for your time and
> responeses in advance.
> Linda
> Bixby Medical Center

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