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From:Jane Chambers <>
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Date:Fri, 28 May 1999 10:03:19 -0600
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If necessary I soak it in a Triton 100 X solution; rinse with distilled water and use the Styrofoam stick that came with it to clean the blade.

I was told only to use this method when necessary; otherwise rinse the knife with distilled water and allow to dry.


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From:	Carla Aiwohi []
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Subject:	cleaning diamond knives

Hi everyone

I am wondering what the rest of you use to clean your diamond knives after
sectioning (we use Spurr's resing).  I have been told that packing peanuts
soaked in distilled water work well.  Hmmm.  Looking forward to any other ideas
or comments.  

Thank you very much,

Carla Aiwohi
Western Fisheries Research Center

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