RE: Marking pens

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From:Alex Brown <>
To:"'Histonet'" <>
Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 16:39:00 +0100

Hi Jerry,
	We now use a cassette printer ( from Raymond Lamb - UK ), but we
still use the occassional Secureline marker. I agree though, they don't
last too long ( some more than others ) and they are ridiculously
expensive. The only cheap alternative I know of is pencil I'm afraid.
	Alex Brown
	Kilmarnock, Scotland
Subject: Marking pens
Date: 25 May 1999 01:33

Hello everybody in the land of knowledge:
   I have a question that really needs an answer, what type of marking
are in use in various labs for labeling cassettes.
  In my lab pens by Secureline are in use, but have a very short life
Even with careful covering, they dry out very fast. Any suggestions.??
situation is the source of much frustration.
   Is there something better out there at a reasonable cost.??
   Your help would be very much appreciated in advance.

Jerry Meade
Hutzel Hospital
University Laboratories
Detroit Medical Center

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