RE: Airport for Biol Stain Commission, June 4 and 5

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From:Jane Chambers <>
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Date:Wed, 26 May 1999 15:53:13 -0600
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Having been born and raised in Long Beach - I can tell you that "how long it takes" depends on what time and day you are driving.  If you're flying in or leaving around "rush hour" - be prepared for a much longer drive. 

LAX is convenient and large, therefore would service a lot of people from various parts of the country/world.  Long Beach airport is small and closer to the Queen Mary than LAX.   The main considerations I would look at when deciding are:  Can I fly there conveniently from my local airport?; cost; and, if I am not renting a car, is there a shuttle available to take me to my hotel?  

Enjoy "sunny" southern California,


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On Tue, 25 May 1999, Jane Chambers wrote:

> Long Beach does have an airport.  Three airlines service it:
> WinAir, America West and American Airlines.

  That's good, but I'm told it's only a half-hour
  drive from the main Los Angeles (LAX) airport to
  the Queen Mary Hotel in long Beach. The telling
  was done by the QM office, so it might be a bit
               John Kiernan


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