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Date:Tue, 18 May 1999 14:06:47 -0400

Hi Melody,
I perform my antigen retrival in a plastic jar in a 90-99?C  waterbath.  I
use the solution from Vector called "Antigen Unmasking Solution" diluted
1:100 in water.  I bring the solution to temperature, drop the slides in for
5-15 minutes (depending on the antibody), then remove the jar of slides from
the waterbath and let that sit out on the bench for 15 minutes to cool down.
Then I move on to the block or enzyme digestion or whatever step is next
required.  It works like a charm on several of our collagen antibodies in
tough tissues like bone and cartilage.   
Please contact me offline if you want any more info!
Jennifer Johnson
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> From: 	Melody Ricci
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> Subject: 	Ag Retrieval
> I have always done antigen retrieval methods using the microwave, and I
> have
> read about those who use the veggie steamers.  Has anyone out there done
> antigen retrieval in a waterbath?  Would they be willing to share a
> protocol?
> Thanks!
> M.Ricci
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