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We are responding to the inquiry posted earlier from Barb Terrett, 
concerning the difference between the Vector NovaRED (Cat. No. SK-4800) 
and Vector Red (Cat. No. SK-5100) substrates. We would like to confirm 
that the reply from Gayle Callis on this matter is certainly correct. 
Just for a further point of clarification, these substrate kits are 
offered as separate units, not as part of a complete "staining" kit, and 
they can be applied to any peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase detection 
system, respectively.

The Vector NovaRED was developed to provide a red peroxidase substrate 
which could be dehydrated through ethanols, cleared and permanently 
mounted. The reaction kinetics of Vector NovaRED are similar to DAB, and 
it produces a red reaction product which is 5x greater in sensitivity 
than AEC. 

As Gayle indicated, the Vector Red is a red alkaline phosphatase 
substrate which also can be dehydrated, cleared and permanently mounted. 
The Vector Red is unusual in that it can be viewed as a precipitate under 
standard light microscopy, and it is also fluorescent.

We hope this clears up any confusion.


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