Decalcification and In Situ hybridization

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From:"Alton D. Floyd" <>
Date:Fri, 21 May 1999 13:07:24 -0500

Recent discussions on decalcification effects on subsequent detection
indicates a continuing interest in this topic.  A current paper in J.
Histochemistry and Cytochemistry discusses the effect of decalcification
using RDO (a strong acid based decalcifier) on subesquent In Situ
hybridization procedures.  The reference is: "Effect of Bone
Decalcification Procedures on DNA in situ hybridization and comprative
genomic hybridization: EDTA is prefereable to a routinely used acid
decalcifier", Alers, Krijtenburg, Vissers and Dekken, J. Histochem,.
Cytochem 47: 703-710, 1999 (May Issue).    The authors results are not
surprising, in view of the fact that strong acids are routinely used to
remove purine bases from DNA in fixed specimens.  This is the basis of
the Feulgen procedure for DNA staing using Schiff reagents.

Al Floyd

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