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From:"Richard Cartun" <Rcartun@harthosp.org>
To:<AEJNSN@aol.com>, <HistoNet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 20:54:03 -0400
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I have always been a strong proponent of AEC (high contrasting color); however, we have switched most of our immunoperoxidase stains to DAB because of convenience.  We use DAB+ from DAKO and have been very pleased.  It is very easy to prepare (1 mL of substrate buffer + 1 drop of liquid DAB+ solution).  We apply the DAB+ to our tissue sections for 10 minutes.  It gives strong, uniform, and consistent staining. I still use AEC+ (also from DAKO) with certain infectious disease antibodies (where I need differentiate immunoreactivity from endogenous pigments), as well as with melanocytic lesions/tumors.

R. Cartun

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