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From:"Terrett, Barb" <>
To:"''" <>
Date:Tue, 18 May 1999 12:03:50 -0400

Hi there histonutters,
I owe the people at vector labs. a HUGE apology for misrepresenting their
product as something from zymed. (Actually I should also apologize to the
folks at zymed who are probably scratching their heads right now trying to
figure out what I was talking about.) The product I am inquiring about is in
fact NOVARED from VECTOR. As I said before, we had very promising results
from this VECTOR product, and I am interested in anyone elses experience
with this VECTOR product. 
Again, I apologize for my error. Next time I will check the label instead of
relying on my own feeble memory (all that formalin over the years!).
Thanks for your help, I am looking forward to hearing more about NOVARED
from VECTOR.
ttfn b   ;)

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