Automation - Attn Vendors!

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From:Melody Ricci <>
To:Histonet Mailing List <>
Date:24 May 99 11:44:10 EDT
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Vendors, Here's your chance!

I am currently soliciting CURRENT prices on the automated Histology equipment
out there including:

Automated Immunostainers
Automated Cryostats
Automated Microtomes
Digital display Waterbath

I have many of the brochures on a lot of this equipment, but I am interested
in the current ball park price.  Please e-mail any quotes to me, or feel free
to fax this information to me directly at PharMingen, Becton-Dickinson, San
Diego to my Attention.  Fax#: (619) 812-8888.


Melody Ricci, IHC-QC Supervisor
PharMingen, Becton-Dickinson, San Diego
(619) 812-8800 Ext.3346

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