Automated H&E stainer

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From:"Kathy Oprea" <>
Date:Tue, 25 May 1999 09:15:51 EST
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We have a Hacker automated H&E stainer that has served us extremely 
well for 7 years. There has only been 1 day of down time with this 
stainer. It is user friendly, in fact it is the easiest instrument 
our lab owns. You can add slides to the stainer at anytime, (without 
having to wait for a batch of slides to finish before adding more) 
This stainer is a large linear stainer that uses 20 slide racks. We 
have limited space but are very happy that we made room for this 
stainer! Good luck in your search!

P.S. we bought a demo to save $$$ 
************ Thank you ************
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