Ag Retrieval

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From:Margaret Blount <>
Date:18 May 1999 15:10:52 +0100

          I too would be grateful for any guidelines, we at present 
          use a pressure cooker but owing to local safety regulations 
          we have to throw out a perfectly good pressure cooker and 
          replace it with a new one every year! Because it is cheaper 
          than having it tested, in case you wanted to know. I imagine 
          that this would not be the case with a veggie steamer as 
          pressure is not involved. The other issue is this, are the 
          results as consistent as with a pressure cooker?
          Margaret Blount
          Unilever Research

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Subject: Ag Retrieval
Author: at INTERNET
Date:    17/05/1999 21:31

I have always done antigen retrieval methods using the microwave, and I have 
read about those who use the veggie steamers.  Has anyone out there done 
antigen retrieval in a waterbath?  Would they be willing to share a protocol?
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