training to transport tissues

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From:Mary Ascenzi <>
Date:Mon, 03 May 1999 10:51:50 -0400
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Thanks to those who responded to my question about training to safely and
>>legally transport tissues. Here is the information I received:
>>Dear Mary,
>>I had an e-mail you sent out concerning training for specimen transport
>>forwarded to me at Saf-T-Pak. Not only do we manufacture packaging for the
>>transport of infectious substances and diagnostic specimens, we conduct a
>>full-day training seminar which certifies a person so they are legally
>>able to
>>transport infectious.
>>In addition too the seminar, we sell our training manual (which is
>>included in
>>the cost of the seminar) as a shipper's guide. We will also be
introducing an
>>interactive CD Rom which trains a person in proper specimen transport.
>>Need more information ? Call me at 800-814-7484....or check out our web
>>site at:
>> .
>>Garry Melnyk
>>Customer/Public Relations
>>Saf-T-Pak Inc.
>>Hello Mary...
>>   I attended the Safety Pak one in Denver, CO.....I definitly found out
>>all I
>>needed to send infectious and non-infectious samples...The representative
>>Safety Pak was Eric Cook he was very knowedgable and I still am in contact
>>with him when ever I need any help or have questions.
>>   I am sending my assistant to the class later this fall.
>>      Yours faithfully,
>>   Kimberly Benson

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