Unions for Histology

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From:"John Shaw" <jolesh@hotmail.com>
Date:Mon, 03 May 1999 08:40:33 PDT
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Fellow Histonetters;

I wonder if the day will ever arrive when Histotechnologists and other lab 
personnel will ever form a union.  Many years ago, it was attempted, but 
defeated due to fear that Pathologists would fire employees that tried to 
unionize.  This is the one of the main reasons that salaries for members of 
our profession remain so low when compared to other medical professions.  
Nurses unionized many years ago, and now their salaries seem unobtainable to 
us lowly lab employees.  Seems to me that we provide just as important a 
function, if not more so, to patients as they.  I ask this question, just to 
bring about discussion from my fellow "netters".  Let's here your thoughts!


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