Routes to becoming a histotech

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Date:Wed, 5 May 1999 11:11:24 -0400
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I have been reading all the conversation on this subject.  I've been ASCP
registered since 1971.  As a ex-lab supervisor from a 634 bed tertiary care
Hospital with a University,  I can only write from my experience.

In the eight years I was a supervisor, I trained two technicians on the
bench.  Although their practical work was very good, it was clear their
trouble-shooting skills weren't.  The missing link was education.

After two years, they were able to take the registry. I was going back to
school for my degree and tried to encourage all the techs to do the same
and to take their ASCP.  I knew if they were studying for the exam, they
would also be gaining the knowledge they were lacking.  I offered to hold
study sessions.  No one took up the offer.  One technician failed the
written exam 3 times, the other once.  Clearly, they weren't studying hard
enough or taking the exam seriously enough. Both passed the practical part
on the first try.

It became my goal to make sure all the histotechs became ASCP registered
(some had been employed previous to my employment). It became a part of
their goal in their yearly review.  All new employees were required to be
ASCP registered and if they weren't they had to be within a year of hire.
This was part of their job description.  They had to sign an agreement to
this.  It always amazed me how many histotechs still aren't registered.

 I was instrumental in starting an A.S. program in histology at Hahnemann
University and was named the educational co-ordinator.  Unfortunately, I
was laid-off  (another merger nighthmare) before the program started and
never had the chance to teach. In all honesty, I was actually looking
forward to refreshing my knowledge in the areas not always visited.

The lack of education is more of a threat than the education.  Histology is
changing so quickly. Thank you, Sumika, Peggy, Dr. Carson, and all others
who have worked so hard to get this in place.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)

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