Routes to Becoming a Histotechnician

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From:"John Spair" <>
To:"HistoNet Server" <>
Date:Fri, 7 May 1999 09:34:46 -0700
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I appreciated Sumiko's clarification on the changes that are proposed to
occur.  I do hope with the change of educational requirements that employers
will also recognize histotechs at a higher level of pay than they currently
are on the scale of many laboratories.  I am fortunate that I have a
director who supports this change in salary - I guess it paid off for him to
have married a histotech.  We are currently fighting to put histotech wages
scales equal to that of a medical technologist.  After all, our skills
require a lot of knowledge and hands on work, manual dexterity, etc, than a
med tech requires to run an instrument to do their tests.

Perhaps this change in educational requirements will help push the level of
wages up, and if it creates more of a shortage of histotechs - like when
they upgraded the cytotechs education level, then employers won't have any
chose but to boast pay scales just to retain staff.  I think histotechs have
been underpaid far too long, I remember Dezna Sheehan saying that back in
the 70's and even with the creation of the HTL registry, it hasn't changed
that much.  Thanks Sumiko.

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