Reply to Bruce Gapinski and maybe others who may have missed the post

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Date:Mon, 3 May 1999 11:22:38 EDT
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Remember Bruce that if you are already a registered HT you will be 
grandfathered. You may have missed Peggy Wenk's post to histonet concerning 
this issue.

>From Peggy:
"Regarding keeping you HT certification and the grandfather clause:

Yes, if you are already certified, you keep your ASCP certification,
even if the application criteria changes. So if you are HT(ASCP)
certified now (or any time before 2005), you will still be HT(ASCP)
certified on Jan. 1, 2005. Once your are ASCP certified, you
are always ASCP certified. (There are a few exceptions, such as if
you were found cheating on another ASCP certification or qualification
exam, then they could "strip" you of all your ASCP certifications.)"

So, Bruce and others, if you are an HT(ASCP) don't worry about taking time 
off from work and paying for classes on your own to be able to continue in 
your profession that "Sharkiemom" so appropriately describes as partners in 
the diagnostic and prognostic process. If you aren't certified then you have 
about five and a half years to get everything together and get certified.
I also support the Associate Degree requirement - not just because I have one 
but because I think it will help us to achieve that recognition (like from 
the ASCP) that we deserve and a greater number of better available continuing 
education programs.
I'm also a big supporter of belonging to NSH and state societies. There is no 
better way to get the continuing education that we need to keep up with the 
advancements in our field. This, in addition to the opportunity to network 
with other histology professionals - I would hate to be a histotech and have 
to miss out on meeting these wonderful and knowledgeable people from all over 
the world.
(Remember Arizona histonetters - it is ASH membership renewal month!!!! 
Sorry, had to get in a plug.)
Andi Grantham
Green Valley, AZ

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