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From:"Terry Hacker" <>
Date:Tue, 4 May 1999 09:10:12 +0000

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> Subject:       uric acid
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> I need some help, we will be receiving a  kidney biopsy that the doctor
> wants processed for gout.  Everything I find says to fix in alcohol, but
> the only procedure I have found is in Sheehan and says to fix in alcohol
> go through acetone then benzene then paraffin.  Benzene is out of the
> question.  I don't see why I can't run it on a rapid process cycly that
> starts in the 100% alcohol,goes through xylene then paraffin.  Does
> anyone have a procedure or know if this will work. Thanks for any help.

Use your standard processing procedure, I have used this for 
demonstrating urates on tissue fixed in 70%, 100% alcohol and in 
chronic conditions some will remain in formalin fixed tissue          
( although I would recommend the alcohol for the urates and if 
sufficient biopsy is available, some in formalin).            
Gomori's methenamine silver on the paraffin sections will show the 
crystals clearly.

Terry Hacker,
Medical Research Council,

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