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Date:Tue, 11 May 1999 13:35:04 -0500
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This thread has come up before. I haven't seen Bob Chiovetti reply, but he
sent a list of references on RSIs and microtomes last January. I still have
this post if someone would like it, or Bob doesn't post it again.

We have published a couple of articles on repetitive stress injuries, but
not specifically about microtoming. For those who are interested, these

May 97
"FAQ's About Computer Ergonomics and Workstation Injuries"
Jonathan Bailin. He also gives these resources on the web:
Usenet Newsgroup:
questions about RSIs are invited

Jan/Feb 98
"Instructions for Safe Use of Microscopes"
Keith P. Ryan, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Nov. 98
"Good Posture Is Essential to Good Microscopy."
Stephen A. Shaffer, MicroDataware

There is also this web site:
ErgoWeb: The Place for Ergonomics

There are many other web sites, but I don't know of any particular to
microtomy or histotechnique.

We would like to run an article on RSIs and microtoming or other lab
activities. Any voluteers?

Personally, I've had minor wrist problems microtoming, and have found the
best help is to move from the shoulder and elbow, keeping the wrist in a
natural, straight position. Don't flex it! This is what a wrist brace
forces you to do.

Mind, for those folks who are functioning as biological automated
microtomes, cutting this way will probably just move the problems to the
elbow and shoulder.


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