Re: Nuclear fast red (Kernechtrot): users?

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From:Joachim Siegmund <>
Date:Sun, 09 May 1999 07:21:12 GMT
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Am 08.05.99, 07:28:47, schrieb "J. A. Kiernan" 
zum Thema Nuclear fast red (Kernechtrot): users?:

>  Hi John,

   I think it's an old and good thing, trying to standardize stain
   In our lab we are working under GLP. We are always forced to
   our work. We use Kernechtrot as nuclear stain and background stain
for our Berliner Blau
   (prussian blue) staining.

   We follow the protocol as it is described in (lit.) B. Romeis,
Mikroskopische Technik.
   I never had problems getting a good stain quality. It's easy to do
and to reproduce.

   ::: Solve 0.1g in 100 ml 5% aluminum sulfate solution under heat.
       Filter after the solution is cooled down.
       We stain for 5 min in Kernechtrot.

   Hope it helps,

   Joachim Siegmund, BTA
   Hamburg, Germany

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