Re: Muddy slides

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From:Daniel & Linda Botsford <>
To:"Marilyn L. Woods" <>
Date:Sat, 15 May 1999 11:47:05 -0400
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Hi Marilyn,

Your comments suggest to me incomplete paraffin removal from the slide before
staining. This can be checked out by viewing the stained H&E slides under
polarized light. The paraffin  if present will light up in the areas of poor
staining. If so check the oven temperature and air circulation in the slide
dryer oven. Over crowding the oven with slides will give uneven drying and
melting. Second  check is to change the deparaffinizing xylene more frequently
to prevent saturation of the xylene with paraffin. If using a xylene substitute
the the time must be longer then you would with xylene as the substitutes acts
more slowly.

Dan Botsford,
Windsor Regional Hospital,
1995 lens Avenue,
Windsor, Ontario,Canada.

Marilyn L. Woods wrote:

> Asking for suggestions on how to eliminate muddy, hazy slides.  Part of a
> rack will stain fine, while
> some of the small shave bxs will be hazy and faded.  Also have note that in
> some of the larger sections
> only half of the tissue will stain right and the other half faded.
> Thank you

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