Re: Mike (DU) re Copper Plumbing

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From:"Barry Rittman" <>
Date:Fri, 07 May 1999 06:57:29 -0700
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Sorry I missed the original comments re copper plumbing.
Several years ago our lab in Iowa had problems with copper cooling coils in
a water bath which had sodium azide in it as a fungizide. (no not our idea).
There was an explosion and the individual using this bath had some injuries
to his hands. Sodium azide is not to be put down drains due to the
formation of explosive metallic azides. If I recall, fume hoods were
specifically signposted so that azide solutions were not to be used in
them. Plastic would be ideal but you have to make sure that somewhere down
the line there isn't a connection to copper tubing.

At 07:50 PM 3/30/99 PST, you wrote:
>Thanks Mike
>Your comments are greatly appreciated, as I have been trying to get things
changed over to plastic, with little success, and this will add more
ammunition to my case against copper plumbing.  Again, if any one else in
Histoland,  has any experience or concerns with the use of copper plumbing
in the drain systems, of a Histology/Cytology Lab I would like to hear from
you, as your comments would help build  my case against this system, as I
don't think any one here is taking me very seriously, and I think, that
they wish I would just go back to my Microtome and leave the thinking to them.
>Many thanks
>Kerry Beebe ART
>Kelowna Gen Hosp

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