Re: IHC on ram (sheep) testis

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From:"R.Wadley" <>
Date:Thu, 06 May 1999 09:01:04 +1000
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	Dear Tom,

	Your fixation should be OK if you do a little gross dissection first to
help the fixative get into the tissue.

	As to finding a supplier, try your local abbatoir (slaughter house, its
too early in the morning), or you might have to go all the way to a
friendly sheep farmer.  Your problem is that male lambs are ringed pretty
early in life before the testies can develop too much.  This practise has
originated because our western palattes are too sensitive too 'gamey' meat.
 As a last resort you may have to buy male lambs & raise them specifically
, I'm told that they can make good pets!


	Rob W.

At 06:25 PM 5/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Histo friends,
>We are currently doing immunohistochemical work on ram (sheep) testis.  We
>are having problems with the preservation of morphology during fixation,
>especially of the spermatogenic cells in their various stages of maturation.
>We are using 4% paraformaldehyde for fixation.  We need acceptable
>morphology so we can use the tissue for immunolocalization of sperm
>proteins.  Any suggestions on what a better fixation may be for these
>paraffin embedded tissues?  Any ideas where we could attain ram testis?  The
>local butcher shop was no help!  Thanks again.

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