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I would like to echo Gails comments on GMA.  Unless you enjoy beating your head
against a brick wall  I wouldn't even try (yes I have tried, and yes, I hve the
bruises to prove it).  There are a FEW that will work but if you know in advance
the you need to do IHC Stick with PMMA or paraffin.

By the way Gail I did find something that would remove GMA.....unfortunatly it
also ate the glass slides.......;-)

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> GMA (glycol methacrylate) is a poor embedding media for IHC protocols
> in general, since you CANNOT remove the plastic which prevents 
> immunoglobulins from reaching antigenic sites.  Some people have success.
> You need to refer to Neil Hand's article, in Journal of Histotechnology
> on "Using Superheating using pressure cooking: its use and application
> in unmasking antigens embedded in  methylmethacrylate" 21:231-236, Sept 1998
> He microtomes PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) embedded tissues, 
> has a huge panel of antibodies
> (well over a hundred) which he successfully stains.  He removes the 
> PMMA before staining, with wonderful results.  He has further references in
> the article and can be reached via email, he has tried GMA, plus many other
> plastics for IHC.  Give him a jingle  
> Gayle Callis

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