Re: Fixation for breast tissue

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To:"Terrett, Barb" <>
Date:Fri, 07 May 1999 15:27:44 +0530
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Have you heard of Pen-Fix from Richard Allan Scientific, I have just
discovered it recently and what a world of difference. What I do is post
fix the breast tissue or any other fatty tissue before I put it on the
machine at the end of the day. Even a little post fixing makes a
difference, the cutting is much better and the pathologists can really
see the difference. Richard Allan gave me all the information  I needed,
procedure and a sufficient sample.  Good Luck.

"Terrett, Barb" wrote:
> I was wondering if there is anyone who uses a fixative for breast tissue
> that is comprised of formalin, alcohol and/or acetic acid.  We are looking
> for something that fixes fatty tissue better than buffered formalin.   If
> you have such a fixative, could you share the recipe with us.   Also, does
> this fixative have any negative effects on immuno staining, in particular
> estrogen and progesterone receptors.
> Thank you.   Sandra via Barb!

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