Re: CD15 antibody

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To:"Edward Henry" <>
Date:Mon, 10 May 1999 16:14:25 -0500
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We are currently using Becton Dickinson's CD15/Leu-M1 on the Dako
Autostainer with consistent results.  A number of the CD15 antibodies
presently available are of the IgM isotype as is the case with BD's,
consequently it requires a biotinylated IgM secondary antibody to increase
the sensitivity.  For this purpose we use Vector's Biotinylated Goat
ant-Mouse IgM(1:100) as our secondary and DAKO*2 peroxidase labeled
strep-avidin as our tertiary reagent.

Thomas E. Brooks
Immunocytochemistry Laboratory - Box 85
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX 77030

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