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From:Mary Stevens <>,
Date:Mon, 03 May 1999 08:04:33 -0400

Debra brings up a very good point - why doesn't ASCP have more continuing ed, articles and support for our profession?  I am continually disappointed when I read Laboratory Medicine and see very little about our field.  We pay our dues and get little in return (except our yearly sticker that says we are members.)  Almost seems like taxation without representation......

What's up with that?  

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I support the Associate Degree debate...not because I have an Associates 
Degree, but because I think that in order for our profession to be 
"recognized" as a truly technical profession, then a college degree (piece of 
paper) is necessary to get the ball rolling in the right direction for 
professional respect and recognition by the medical field.  Everyone who is a 
histotech knows that ASCP provides little in the way of support for our 
profession, and if it weren't for NSH, what kind of continuing education 
resources would we have available to us?  Little to none.

Anyway, that is my two cents'......which sounds more like two dollars' worth 

Debra Flynn, HT(ASCP)
Jackson, MS


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