RE: Routes to Becoming a Histotech

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From:"John Spair" <>
To:"HistoNet Server" <>
Date:Wed, 5 May 1999 09:06:42 -0700
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I'm still reading all these items about the HT Exam and the necessity for an
associate's degree.  I understand that this is already a done deal and there
is not a thing we can do about it.  The fear I have, which I already see
happening in area laboratories, is that people are beginning to do more on
the job training.  Basically lab assistants training to do histotechs jobs,
and most of these people could care less about even getting HT registered.
Remember, there still is no mandate that we even hire registered HT's and
the more difficult we make it to become registered, probably the less people
will do so in the future.  So are we going backwards instead of forwards??

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