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From:"Gary W. Gill" <>
To:"Wenk, Lee & Peggy" <>, <>
Date:Tue, 11 May 1999 22:33:41 -0500
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I understand the quietude.  It is very difficult and time consuming to write
useful articles.  In the words of one article's title: "Before you write the
literature, you must read the literature."  Very few people have the time,
inclination, and resources to do the background work to come up to speed to
know whether a need they perceive has been addressed before.  Further, there
is virtually no financial incentive to invest the time to write an article.
If you decide to write an article, it is because you have a burning desire
to do so.  In the total scheme of life, other pressures are likely to
extinguish such desires before they can become a flaming inferno.  If
writing looks easy, it is because the author has busted his or her butt to
produce something worth reading.

Gary W. Gill

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> From: Wenk, Lee & Peggy []
> Sent: May 09, 1999 7:31 PM
> To:
> Hey Histonetters -
> It suddenly got VERY QUIET out there after I asked
> for suggestions for articles related to histotechnology
> for ASCP "Laboratory Medicine."
> I had 5 responses:
> - 2 people offer to write any article in their
> field, if we wanted on (I'm passing these people's
> names and specialty onto ASCP).
> - 1 person suggest a topic, that I'll take with
> me to the ASCP Lab Medicine Editorial meeting.
> - 2 people mention that they tend to read many of
> the articles, even those unrelated to histotechnology,
> just so they could keep themselves aware of what
> if going on in all areas of the labs (GOOD FOR THEM!)
> Other than that - NOTHING!!!
> Please, I need/want/desire/crave ideas and suggestions
> for articles. Please, PLEASE send them to me before
> this Thursday, as I will be leaving for the meeting
> on Friday.
> If the silence is due to Histonetters thinking I might
> become mad at someone for "cutting down" Lab Medicine,
> don't be. I've heard the complaints before, which is why
> I'm trying to do something about it. If you don't
> know me, be assured, I won't take it personally.
> This is a challenge to me - to get more histology
> related articles in Lab Medicine. And I LOVE
> challenges. And I'm willing to be YOUR representative,
> and take YOUR ideas/suggestions/needs to the meeting.
> So . . . you have 4 days in which to inundate me with
> suggestions for articles. Please send them directly to
> my home email, as this relates to something I'm doing,
> rather than to all of the Histonetters.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073

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