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Date:Wed, 5 May 1999 12:19:13 -0600
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I have always thought that washing the sample in running di water would
rinse out the excess fixative and stop the reaction.  I always do this
before starting decal, for instance.

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		Subject:	Controlling fixation time

		Science or art?

		We all know that a perfect fixation is rarely accomplished
in the 
		routine....It is almost impossible to control the fixation
time from the 
		sample leaves the patient to landing on the pathologist's
		I am about to make some controlled fixations tests on fresh
tonsils (right 
		from the surgeons table), and I try to figure out how to
actually stop the 
		(formalin) fixation without damaging the tissue.
		I suppose I could transfer the tissue into a mixture of
sucrose and 
		gummi-arabicum, but I would really appreciate any knowledge
from Histonet on 
		this subject.

		Kind regards Andrea

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