Nylon Mesh Bags

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From:johnsom@shmc.org (Mickie L. Johnson)
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Date:Fri, 7 May 1999 10:37:41 -0700
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Hi Histonetters!!

I have a question about the general use of nylon mesh bags.  We have been
using these for breast needle biopsies from our clinics for several years
now and they work very well.  They are easy to open, by tearing open with
forceps.  It has been suggested recently that we start using these bags for
other specimens in place of wrapping papers(like lens paper but harder)
which our lab has been using for ECC, EMB and D&C type specimens.  Techs get
frustrated with the awkwardness of unwrapping specimens while embedding as
it slows them down.

I am interested in whether any labs out there use these bags in this manner
and what limitations on specimen types they are used for.
Cost is a factor here, but may be justifiable if efficiency is improved.
These bags cost us from 23c to 25 c each.

Thanks in advance for your input.


Michael L. Johnson, HT/HTL(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
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