Lack of articles in ASCP Journal

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Date:Tue, 4 May 1999 12:00:15 EDT
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I would like to add a little in defense of ASCP.  Like NSH's JOH, the 
journals can only select for publication from articles that they recieve.  
The JOH is always criticized because they do not print enough papers slanted 
toward the bench technician or technologist.  That is because they recieve 
very few articles that would be of real technical help to the bench tech.  
The editor would love to receive technical notes about procedural 
modifications, or anything that makes our lives easier on the job.  

I am sure that it is the same with Lab Medicine - they do not recieve many 
articles for our profession.  Surely some of you out there in histoland have 
something worth submitting a paper on for either journal

I would like to remind everyone that ASCP does have the tech sample and that 
there is one specifically for histotechnology.  They also offer 
teleconferences in histotechnology. They do not offer regional workshops that 
include histotechnology because there is too much competition with state and 
regional histotechnology meetings, and it is not profitable.  ASCP does not 
want to compete with NSH, but rather to work with NSH.

Freida Carson

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