IHC on ram (sheep) testis

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From:"Histo-Scientific Research Laboratory" <histosci@shentel.net>
Date:Wed, 5 May 1999 18:25:39 -0400
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Histo friends,

We are currently doing immunohistochemical work on ram (sheep) testis.  We
are having problems with the preservation of morphology during fixation,
especially of the spermatogenic cells in their various stages of maturation.
We are using 4% paraformaldehyde for fixation.  We need acceptable
morphology so we can use the tissue for immunolocalization of sperm
proteins.  Any suggestions on what a better fixation may be for these
paraffin embedded tissues?  Any ideas where we could attain ram testis?  The
local butcher shop was no help!  Thanks again.

Tom Galati
Histo-Scientific Research Lab.

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