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Date:Sun, 09 May 1999 21:05:28 -0400
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If you are a HT/HTL program director/education coordinator, PLEASE
read this message, and respond directly to me. You can type your
answer after my questions. (marked with ** - there are only 5)

If you are NOT a HT/HTL program director/education coordinator,
you have my permission to delete this immediately. (Sumiko
and John Ryan, please read.)

1. Did you receive the proposed 1999 HT Essentials (if you
are a HTL program director, the HTL Essentials are not out yet.)

If you did not receive the proposed HT Essentials, contact

2. I've been comparing the HT and MLT proposed Essentials, and
am trying to make certain they are parallel. The following are
some that I have concerns about, and would like your input.

Please state whether you agree or disagree with me on each of the
following. I will share this information with NAACLS. NAACLS
will be more likely to change the proposed essentials if there
is more than one voice.

A. Page 1 - Description of Profession: Entry Level Competency

Histologic Technician should be able to demonstrate entry
level competencies in the following areas of professional 
practice by:

L. "exercising principles of management, safety and supervision."

This is NOT listed in the MLT essentials. I feel these are HTL

**Do you feel these should be dropped from the HT essentials?

i. "applying basic scientific principles in learning new 
techniques and procedures."

This is found in the MLT, but not the HT. 

**Do you feel this should be added to the HT essentials?

j. "relating laboratory findings to common disease processes"

This is found in the MLT, but not the HT. 

**Do you feel this should be added to the HT essentials?

B. Essential 11B.
The essential states that the certificate program must
include, either as separate courses or as content within
laboratory science courses, laboratory mathematics and statistics.

I think that HT do need laboratory mathematics, but do 
not need statistics, and that HT programs should not have 
to teach this. I feel statistics should be required for the HTL.

**Do you feel statistics requirement should be dropped from 
the HT essentials?

C. Essential 16
In the MLT essentials, there is a 16 B that is NOT found in
the HT essentials. It states that the number of students
admitted into the program must be based on the capacity of
the clinical facilities to accommodate students. And that
there must be an alternate list, and that the students
must be informed in writing when admitted that they may 
be on an alternate or waiting list.

This essential is NOT for the hospital-based programs, but
for the academic based programs. The following is a possible
scenario: A HT program in a community college/technical school
has 20 students in their HT program, but only 2 hospitals are 
willing to take students, and they are willing to take only 
2 students each. That means there are slots in the hospital 
practicum for 4 students. What happens to the other 16 students?

This provision of an alternate list is in the MLT essentials
because the majority of MLT programs are based in community
colleges and technical/vocational programs. It was placed in
the essentials to protect the students. It has not been in the 
HT essentials because, historically, HT programs have been 
hospital based. However, nearly all new HT programs in the 
last 10 years have been started in academic institutions.
Therefore, for the first time, there is this potential for
there being more students than practicum sites. 

**Do you agree that the MLT statements about the number
of students and practicum sites be included in the new
HT essentials?

The rest of my corrections are minor, and I'll not bring
them up to you. They are mostly grammar corrections and
inquiries for clarification.

Thanks for taking the time and responding.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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