Billing Special Stains on Surgical Cases

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Hi Histonetters,

Thanks everyone for your responses regarding the use of nylon mesh bags.
Your positive responses helped very much.

I have another question about how Hospital and Private Surgical Labs bill
special stains.  In Spokane, the practice has been to only charge one charge
per different special stain per case.  In other words, if the pathologist
orders a Trichrome, Iron and Reticulum on a liver biopsy the patient would
get three special stain charges.  It the patient had two liver biopsies with
the second block getting the same three special stains, the patient would
still only be billed for three special stains.
Our pathologists have indicated though, that when reading out two  GMS, B&H
or H. pylori stains on the same patient that this really is twice the work
and that this is reflected in the report, and therefor we should bill out
each special stain separately, including the same stain on multiple blocks.

I hope I have been clear about what I am getting at.  I would really
appreciate you input.

Thanks again


Michael L. Johnson, HT/HTL(ASCP)
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