Associate Degree

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From:sbledsoe <>
Date:Mon, 3 May 1999 13:23:31 -0600
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Perhaps with the Associate Degree, HT/HTL work will be viewed as real
"SCIENCE", since it seems to still be viewed by many in the field as "ART"
or "Black Magic" by many of those outside of the field.

While I do not hold certification (but have been seriously considering it),
I do hold a BS with 20 hours of Math, 21 hours of Biology, and 26 hours of
Chemistry/Physics and have 9 hours of graduate work in research.  I have to
vote yes for any requirement that advances my field of work.

I would also vote yes for workshops at the NSH meeting be credited as
continuing education courses and that so many hours of Continuing Ed course
per year be completed to hold certification.  Everyone, no matter what
field they are in needs to advance their education and help their field

Sharon B. Bledsoe


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