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Date:Mon, 3 May 1999 09:17:03 EDT
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Mary Stevens brought up an interesting point about the apparent lack of 
interest the ASCP has in our profession. We are fortunate to have the NSH as 
our organization as we are provided with excellent continuing education and 
professional development opportunities. We also have Histonet - my friends in 
the clinical lab comment every day about the solidarity of our group and the 
opportunities we have made for ourselves versus what they view as being 
available for them. So join the NSH if you're not a member. The Journal 
articles alone are more than worth the membership cost. Support your state 
and regional histology association. We are on the cutting edge of laboratory 
technology and it's the hard work and foresight of Dr. Carson and others 
years ago which has allowed us to progress from the position of pathologists' 
maids to partners in the diagnostic and prognostic process. Let's work now to 
ensure our future as a profession. You bet, I also support the degree 
requirement for the HT.
My two cent's worth and a fairly long one at that.
PS Everbody remember I'm writing that article for Laboratory Medicine about 
automated stainers so please keep sending information about what you use - 
any make or model cause I need as much variety as possible. Thanks

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