A.S. degree

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Date:Mon, 3 May 1999 09:45:53 EDT
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   I'm not crazy about the A.S. requirement. Maybe the problem is with the 
fact that we receive a certificate, not a license from the ASCP. If we had a 
license, as Cytologist do, we too would be tested yearly for our ability and 
knowledge. I think that would be much better.
   I'm getting tired of the rules changing in an effort to weed out bad 
employees. At 45 years with 4 kids, I don't like the idea of starting all 
over again in school to satisfy the latest requirement. If you'd like to test 
my histological abilities yearly, fine! But please don't tell me I need to go 
to night school, pay for it by myself, take vacation time for chem. classes 
only offered during the day, only to find that there will be a new 
requirement down the road. 
   If you don't do your job well.....  you're retrained or you're let go. 

Bruce Gapinski

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